Senior Firewood Program

The Senior Citizen’s Firewood Program, as contained in the “Forest Products Harvesting Permit Policy” and adopted by NPTEC Resolution 05-332, provides firewood to senior citizens, elders and other eligible participants as determined by Nez Perce Tribe Social Services and the Nez Perce Tribe Executive Council.  Firewood contractors provide this service and are selected through an open bidding process to provide firewood deliveries to eligible participants.  The three current contractors are Certified Indian Businesses.

So far this year we have 170 seniors we’ll deliver wood to with a total of 340 cords of wood delivered.

Annual free-use permits are issued to tribal members for harvesting 10 cords of firewood, post and poles, teepee poles and other forest products on tribal lands.

Click on the link below to download the firewood application.


Contact:  208-843-7328,